As I hunt to find answers to my previous blog post questions, I am blissful to share with you what I perceive it takes to understand Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) industry.

Firstly, hyperspectral imaging industry is relentless, and as such, understanding the industry, and its segments becomes even more difficult for a novice like me. As I am about to share with you what it takes to understand the HSI industry as you read along, I would like to define what hyperspectral imaging is about.

So far, I would say hyperspectral imaging enables user (s) to “collect, process and interpret information(s) that our naked eyes or normal cameras cannot see”. And believe me or not, hyperspectral imaging itself goes beyond this definition.

But what does it take to understand the HSI industry? Like any difficult subject at university, it requires a very good lecturer to help you understand what it’s all about. The HSI industry is in such path. It’s a difficult industry to understand as an outsider, and one that requires a very good surrounding for you to understand.

The two segments

When I was about to start my journey at Specim, I was filled with mixed emotions. Firstly, I was excited of joining a pioneer in hyperspectral imaging and instruments (as I stated in my previous blog post). And at the same time, I was frightened due to my lack of knowledge in the hyperspectral industry. But once I joined the team not too long ago, my sense of frighten has faded away. I am surrounded by experts with unique different skills. And every one of them is ready to help and guide me through.

Couple of days ago, I asked a question in relation to hyperspectral imaging industry. And I was lectured for 10 mins about HSI. I was told that the hyperspectral imaging industry could be divided into 2 segments, namely;

  • Instruments Providers
  • Instruments and application providers

And I believe understanding these segments will unearth the pillars for broader understanding hyperspectral imaging industry. One notable importance for you to be aware of these segments is because, nowadays spectral imaging and applications companies are providing little or no information about their segment. The result is that, final consumer(s) end up acquiring spectral cameras or instruments that deliver little or no suitable information needed for their data classification and interpretation

It’s about perseverance

After my 10-minute lecture, I realized that understanding the Hyperspectral imaging industry is based on PERSEVERANCE. With little or no information about the market and its segments, it’s important for end-user(s), and or Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM’s) partners to be willing to learn about the HSI industry.

And I believe the FIRST STEP TO LEARN about HSI industry is by choosing the IDEAL COMPANY. For example, Specim, a company that knows the Hyperspectral imaging market thoroughly, its segments, products and applications. And one that is ready to support you, guide, and provide you with an up-to-date versatile and advanced product portfolio.

Believe it or not, in any industry including the HSI industry itself, identifying the company that suits your business portfolio is the first step. The second step, is the ability for you- as an end-user or partner to LEARN AND WORK CLOSELY with your chosen company

Once more, I promise to answer all the remaining questions from my previous blog post… See you soon!!

My name is Samppa Kamara. I am from Sierra Leone and a final year Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) student at Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

As a BBA student, I am equipped with sound knowledge in international marketing management and project works. And with this knowledge, I am eager to continue to develop and improve my international marketing skills and know-how in one of the leading player in hyperspectral imaging industry- Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd.

I believe the opportunity for me to work at Specim as a trainee and thesis worker will not only help me to develop and improve my skills, but also provide a platform where I will unlock my potentials and see how I can contribute in any project or task I am going to be involved in during my time at the company.

And with well passionate, expert and dynamic group of employees, the opportunity for me to work hand-in-hand with each and every one of them at the company is a zillion chance for me to grow.