Our customers require fast and accurate information as they strive to gather information to improve quality, increase value, and make sustainable choices. To achieve this, we hire not only the best people in their field but also the best people.

You help us to make spectral imaging easy.

We are always looking for suitable talents to join our forces. Check our vacancies below to find your next job or send us an open application.

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Fascinating technology

Our cameras have been inside a pharao’s tomb, under the ice, flying over an ancient Roman city. It is improving food quality and recycling efficiency, the list goes on and on.

Hyperspectral imaging is changing the way we see the world around us, revealing the invisible and making the world a better place.

Best colleagues

We have hired not only the best talent in their field but also the best people. We have dedicated and passionate employees who are proud of our achievements.  We work as a team – You can always trust a colleague to lend a hand when you need help.

But it is not all business, we also have fun and laugh a lot here, have employee events and parties – all in all, we quite enjoy each other’s company.

Flexible Work

Remote work possibility & flexible working hours.

Health Care & Insurance

In addition to our extensive health care benefits, we have extra leisure-time accident insurance for our employees.

Professional development

Life is continuous learning. Here at Specim, we encourage our people to professional growth.


The well-being of our people is essential for our success. To look after it, we provide food for your body and soul with our voucher system, among other things.