SisuROCK workstation

Automate core logging and Mineral Exploration with SisuROCK

SisuROCK workstation is a fully automated, multi-camera spectral imaging instrument for easy and rapid scanning of drill cores and other geological samples.

The SisuROCK workstation seamlessly integrates with Specim’s state-of-the-art hyperspectral cameras, from visual to thermal range, an RGB camera, and a 3D imager, allowing you to detect and analyze different minerals with exceptional accuracy.

High-speed, High-resolution Mineral Mapping with Hyperspectral Imaging

SisuROCK is a scientifically proven and reliable spectral imaging instrument that significantly improves the efficiency and productivity of drill core analysis and mineral mapping.

With its fully automated core logging capabilities, you can scan an entire core area in seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming sample preparation. It can image a single drill core in high-resolution mode or the entire drill core box in high-speed scan mode.

SisuROCK offers an efficient and high-performance production tool for the mining industry and a versatile and flexible analysis tool for geological research applications.

Comprehensive Spectral Analysis for Accurate Mineral Exploration

The SisuROCK workstation is compatible with Specim VNIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR hyperspectral cameras, offering extensive imaging capabilities. It also features an RGB camera and a 3D imager. This versatility and flexibility allow you to capture a variety of minerals with unparalleled accuracy and detail. Its excellent spatial and spectral resolution and double-sided illumination optimize the image quality of even the most difficult deposits and textures.

Spectral analysis in mining and mineral exploration gives insights into their composition, distribution, and alteration patterns. This knowledge is invaluable when identifying areas with high mineral potential or conducting in-depth geological research.

The hyperspectral data cubes acquired from the first scan are in digital format and those can be used to produce precise mineral maps for geological research applications or to advance mining exploration.


  • Scans the entire core area in seconds.
  • Scans hundreds of boxes per day.
  • No sample preparation.


  • HSI cameras from visual to thermal range.
  • RGB camera and 3D imager.
  • Double-sided illumination optimizes image quality.
  • Excellent spatial and spectral resolution.


  • Get all data in digital format on the first scan.
  • 100 % repeatable method.
  • Use the data to produce consistent, objective mineral maps.


  • Well-established and reliable platform.
  • Scientifically proofed method.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.


Specim FX10e


Specim FX50

Specim FX120

Specim FX120


RGB camera

3D camera


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