The best way to contact Specim customer support is by submitting a support request via the Specim Community. We will respond to your support request without delay.


Specim Community is a knowledge base that is free and available 24/7 for everyone who owns Specim’s products. It provides answers to the most frequently asked questions, training material and guides, product documentation, and detailed technical notes about our solutions and hyperspectral imaging. You can also submit your support requests in the Specim Community.

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What is your support process like?2023-04-14T09:06:55+03:00
  1. You create a new support case by contacting us.
  2. You get an automated reply with a case number and email reference code (ref:x:ref) – include this reference code in the subject line of all future messages concerning this support case. All messages without the reference code in the subject or message body will create a new support case.
  3. Our support specialist picks up the case and contacts you with a solution or requests more information.
  4. Please note that if we don’t hear back from you, the case will be closed due to prolonged inactivity.
  5. If we cannot solve the problem remotely, we will send you an RMA number with instructions. Please do not send the camera to us without the RMA number.
  6. After the problem is solved, the case will be closed.
  7. We send you a link to the feedback survey through which you can give us feedback.
How long will it take until my support case is answered?2023-04-14T09:07:45+03:00

That depends on the support package you have purchased. You will get an automated notification when we have assigned a Support Specialist to your case. The typical response time is 1-3 business days. In busy times it may take longer to give you an initial response.

Can I reply to an old support message with a new support request?2023-04-14T09:08:17+03:00

No. The case numbers and reference codes are unique, and if you send a new support request as a reply to an old case, the message will not go to the queue. Instead, it will go to the old, already closed case file. We don’t actively monitor closed cases.

Why was my support case closed even though my problem was not solved?2023-04-14T09:08:54+03:00

A case will be closed automatically after a certain time of inactivity.

What happens when a problem cannot be solved remotely?2023-04-14T09:09:38+03:00

We may ask you to send the product to Specim for inspection and troubleshooting. We will issue an RMA number for the case and share the shipping instructions.


We are proud to introduce our world-class team of customer support experts. Should you have any issues with our cameras, they are here to help.








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