To ensure the quality of our work, we are committed to the following principles:

1. Customer focus is the foundation of our business.
Our products and solutions are based on a genuine interest and understanding of our customers’ needs and requirements. Ensuring customer satisfaction is the most important task for every one of us.

2. Our business continuity is based on long-term and trusting partnerships.
We aim to establish long-term relationships of mutual trust with our customers, suppliers, and partners.

3. People are our most important asset.
We maintain our staff’s competence, professionalism, and motivation by developing the expertise of our team and operations.

4. We value every colleague and their skills and experience.

5. We want to develop our operations and our skills.
We use all the feedback we receive on our activities as a basis for continuous improvement. We understand that feedback on our work strengthens our skills and helps us develop in our profession. We recognize that all development requires work, and we ensure that we allocate sufficient time and resources to development at all organizational levels.

6. We are committed to working in accordance with mutually agreed procedures.
In this way, we ensure that our business continues to run smoothly and profitably and that the quality of our work and products remains high.


Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd has developed a Quality Management System covering optical measurement device design, development, manufacturing, sales, and support. QMS follows ISO9001:2015 and enables more efficient operation and product management in a systematic way utilizing metrics. Specim QMS has been audited by Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS – UK Branch and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the management system standards.