Founded in 1995, Specim is the leading global supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions.

We offer the broadest range of hyperspectral cameras, imaging spectrographs, software systems, and accessories to serve machine builders, integrators, researchers, and government organizations worldwide. Our solutions are widely used in the machine vision industry, research, and airborne applications.

Specim is known as a trusted partner with robust and cost-efficient products and superb customer support. Our international team of +90 optics, electronics, software, and machine vision experts ensures continuous improvement of the competitiveness and performance of our solutions. Our customers’ demand for fast and accurate information and a high return on investment drives our product development. With our strategy, “Spectral imaging made easy,” one can rely on our technology and products’ scalability.

Specim has been a part of the Konica Minolta Group since 2020. We operate all around the world. With headquarter in Oulu, Finland, sales offices in the US, China, and Germany, and a worldwide partner network, we can serve our global customers locally.


Specim can offer you a continuous, long term partnership that will help you get the most out of your imaging system.

Specim in-house expertise:

  • Scalable production, maintenance, calibration and repair services
  • Superior know-how in optics, electronics, software and mechanics
  • Strong team to solve application related challenges