Specim, Spectral Imaging Oy Ltd., the leading provider of cutting-edge hyperspectral imaging solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new macro lens for the Specim FX10 hyperspectral camera.

With the macro lens, the camera can focus on small objects and capture fine details and high-resolution hyperspectral images in the visible and near-infrared (VNIR) regions. It is particularly powerful for applications requiring detailed examination and accurate identification at a near-microscopic level.

The new macro lens broadens the Specim FX10’s industrial and scientific applications, where this level of detail is critical, such as analyzing biological samples, the surface texture of materials, identifying small defects in quality control, art restoration, and many more.

“The new macro lens delivers a significantly enhanced optical resolution. This capability is invaluable in many applications that require precision at the level of tens of microns, opening doors for new insights and discoveries for our customers,” says Sami Juottonen, Product Manager of Specim.

The new macro lens has an F-number of 4 and a high spatial resolution. It enables accurate sampling of approximately 10 micrometers at the target. The lens is specifically designed for the Specim FX10 camera.

A diverse range of lens options for different needs

Specim offers a comprehensive selection of lens options for its cameras. The lenses are designed and tested in-house to ensure optimal performance and the highest-quality hyperspectral images for our customers’ unique imaging needs.

“We believe in providing our customers with the flexibility they need to achieve their imaging goals, which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of lens options to suit various purposes,” Juottonen highlights.

About Specim

Specim is the pioneer and global leader in hyperspectral imaging solutions. With the broadest hyperspectral camera portfolio and a global distributor network, Specim serves machine builders, integrators, researchers, and government organizations worldwide. As part of the Konica Minolta Group since 2020, Specim continues to innovate and push the boundaries of hyperspectral imaging technology.

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