Minimize the risk of food fraud, protect your customers as well as your brand reputation and ensure food authenticity with hyperspectral imaging. It is a quick and reliable way to check food quality and safety on the spot.

What makes hyperspectral imaging a revolutionary solution for food fraud and safety detection?

Hyperspectral cameras can, quite literally, see the invisible. While human eye and conventional cameras only see what is on the visible light spectrum; hyperspectral imaging sees both the visible light area and wavelengths that human eye cannot perceive, gathering much more accurate information than traditional cameras on visual inspection ever can. Each material has a unique “spectral fingerprint” that can be identified with hyperspectral imaging.

This means that with hyperspectral imaging you can quickly and cost-effectively identify different materials from each other and tell the difference between two samples that look identical but have, for example, different chemical composition or amount of moisture. It is a non-invasive technique that allows you to characterize surface color or texture as well as many chemical compositions.

Compared to traditional laboratory analyses, hyperspectral cameras save time and money and are suitable for quick screening of large sample sets, collecting spectral information on each and every pixel of your image.

Rice mixed with plastic


SPECIM IQ, the mobile hyperspectral camera, provides instant results, also from inhomogeneous materials, with applications uploaded in the camera.

Check food quality and safety on the spot!

  • Detect adulterated and contaminated products
  • Separate fresh from thawed products
  • Check freshness, ripeness and many other quality parameters

Specim IQ

  • Mobile, compact and autonomous
  • Integrated processing engine for obtaining instant results
  • Highest sensitivity and data quality on the market


SPECIM IQ is a turnkey hyperspectral camera platform for you to quickly commercialize your own detection applications. As an industrial application developer, you don’t need to be or become an expert in hyperspectral camera technology.

You can immediately utilize your analytical application knowledge, and by applying the IQ Studio software, develop and upload your applications to the SPECIM IQ camera.

White Labelling

Upon request, the IQ camera platform is available as a white label product for OEM industries. Similarly, professional authority agencies and food supply chains, you can rapidly adapt SPECIM IQ to your local detection needs at various checkpoints.