Reliable material identification helps you to reach maximum value in your sorting

Specim solution – FX Cameras

Specim FX cameras enable you to add precise and reliable chemical identification to your vision and sorting systems. Compared to traditional color and shape-based sorting, chemical identification will increase the value in the sorting results in many cases, like

  • Waste processing and recycling; sort more materials and their grades (like plastic types) in a single machine, with more reliable results and at a higher capacity.
  • Food and feed and agricultural product processing; improve quality by doing 100% inspection of the material/product stream for controlling the proper chemical composition and /or detecting foreign objects and impurities.
  • Mining industry; reduce energy consumption and amount of waste by more efficient separation or ore and side rock.

Specim FX Cameras make hyperspectral imaging the next major vision technology

Specim FX cameras meet all the key industrial requirements in on-line inspection and sorting:

  • Their line scan rate is high enough for required spatial resolutions with process line speeds of several meters per second.
  • Cost is affordable for sensible return-on-investment in industrial processes.
  • They are robust and compact for industrial installations and require minimal maintenance.
  • Easy to accept and adapt by machine vision integrators.
  • The cameras are directly compatible with the most advanced real-time hyperspectral analysis solutions.
  • They have a fully configurable multiple region of interest (MROI) property making it possible to replace a range of fixed-filter instruments with a single camera.

How can OEMs reach quick solutions?

Specim offers camera SDK and ASCII control protocol to system integrators and OEMs who integrate the FX cameras to your own system software solutions.

For system integrators who want to have a turnkey data acquisition, real-time processing, and process control solution, the Specim FX cameras are directly compatible with several commercial software tools.

Please contact Specim with your requirements, and we will guide you to a suitable solution provider.

Spatial resolution1 – 1.5 mm across 1 m wide process line
Process line speedUp to 3 m/s
Field of viewSeveral lens options from 12 to 95 degrees
Camera interfaceCamera Link or GigE
IP class52
Operational modeSpecim FX cameras are line imaging spectral cameras perfectly fitting to continuously moving process lines


  • Identify and separate materials with a single camera
  • Freely configurable based on applications
  • Industrial speed and resolution


  • Enhance sorter detection capability to new materials
  • Configure your sorting system for various customer demands
  • Upgrade the performance of your existing sorters