SPECIM Spectral Imaging Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer of hyperspectral components and systems, responds to market demand and launches a new camera series designed for industrial needs. SPECIM FX10 is the first in a series of small, fast and flexible FX cameras for industrial applications e.g. food processing, recycling and pharmaceuticals.

SPECIM FX10 is a hyperspectral camera for VNIR (400 – 1000 nm) range with small form factor compared to traditional hyperspectral cameras. FX10 with its fast optics provides high sensitivity that enables short integration times and high signal to noise ratio for better detection at higher frame rates. FX10 has free wavelength selection from 220 bands within the camera coverage. This gives flexibility to choose freely from the full range of 220 bands down to 5 bands to cover multiple regions of interest while having frame rates from 350 FPS to 6510 FPS accordingly.

FX10 will be available in two versions: FX10 with CameraLink interface and FX10e with GigE interface (Gencam compliant). We also provide SDK to support OEM needs to fine tune the camera performance.