For the the third time The German machine vision journal inVISION, together with an independent jury of experts, selected the inVISION Top Innovations 2017. Ten products and solutions from the machine vision sector were chosen based on their technical innovation, efficiency and the possibility to increase the usage of image processing in machine vision markets.

Specim FX10 was selected as a competitive industrial Hyperspectral Imaging camera for the machine vision industry.

List of  the innovation award winners

  • EnShape / Cognex
    Random Bin-Picking with 1 second cycle time (Detect 20)
  • Fraunhofer IPM
    Track&Trace without markers using 3D
  • nBase-T Alliance
    GigE Vision with 5Gbps (nBase-T)
  • Optotune & Sill Optics
    variable focus telecentric optics
  • Photonfocus
    camera integrated, loss-free 4:1 data compression (QuadRate)
  • Sick
    develop application specific vision solutions
  • Specim
    competitive industrial Hyperspectral Imaging camera (FX10)
  • Systech
    recognize forgery by QR codes (UniSecure)
  • Tag Optics
    acoustically controlled liquid lenses for 3D measurements (Tag Zip)
  • ViDi Systems
    Deep Learning software for image processing (ViDi Suite 2.0)