On June 19, 2024, the prestigious Machine Vision Innovation and Development Conference showcased the industry’s best and brightest during the 2024 Vision System Design’s Innovation Award Ceremony at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The event coincided with the South China Industrial Expo, attracting numerous exhibitors from around the globe. Over 100 machine vision industry experts, corporate representatives, and industry users came together to witness this occasion.
The Innovators Awards, organized by Vision Systems Design (VSD), has garnered a stellar reputation internationally for many years. This esteemed award aims to celebrate companies within the machine vision industry that have demonstrated excellence in their products, technologies, applications, and research and development.

This year’s VSDC Innovators Awards 2024 received an impressive 40 product entries from 35 outstanding companies. Out of these entries, 26 products were shortlisted for evaluation. The rigorous judging process involved 15 expert judges and nearly 50 industry judges who diligently assessed and scored each product. Based on their evaluations, the awards were presented.

Amidst tough competition, Specim AFX10 was recognized with the prestigious Gold Award. Specim AFX10 is a state-of-the-art hyperspectral imaging solution for remote sensing and analysis. It stands out as an all-in-one device, sporting a high-end hyperspectral sensor built upon the successful Specim FX10 camera. This unique combination provides users with unparalleled imaging capabilities, allowing for precise and comprehensive analysis of a scene’s spectral properties.

The Specim AFX10 is highly useful, for example, in environmental and agricultural monitoring, vegetation, and water quality analysis, contributing not only to technological advancement but also to environmental sustainability.

Moreover, Specim AFX10 is set apart by integrating a powerful computer and a high-end GNSS/IMU unit within its lightweight, compact design. This powerful internal architecture enables seamless data processing, while the GNSS/IMU unit ensures accurate georeferencing of acquired hyperspectral data. Weighing just over 2 kg, the Specim AFX10 is compatible with various drone types, multirotor or fixed-wing, with or without a gimbal, offering flexibility and adaptability for different operational needs.