Specim will participate in the upcoming VisionCon Seminar in XiAn on July 4th. VisionCon, organized by Vision Systems China, is a platform for industry experts to discuss machine vision technology advancements and capabilities.

At the seminar, Specim will showcase the capabilities of the Specim FX17 NIR hyperspectral camera with a live demonstration of our cutting-edge SpecimONE spectral imaging platform. This advanced technology has the exceptional ability to classify and detect a diverse range of materials based on their unique spectral signatures beyond the visible range.

Specim’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of hyperspectral cameras, from visible and near-infrared to the thermal range, along with specialized software and accessories. The SpecimONE spectral imaging platform is designed for machine builders and integrators to facilitate the creation of new hyperspectral applications.

To learn more about hyperspectral imaging’s potential, join us for a presentation where our China Business Manager, Eddy Pan, will discuss its advantages and diverse applications in industrial machine vision.

We are eager to connect with you and explore the possibilities of hyperspectral imaging for advanced machine vision at the VisionCon Seminar in XiAn.