As an experienced player in spectral imaging markets, Grupo Álava can offer our customers in Spain and Portugal significant added value.

“Markets for spectral imaging in Europe are growing fast, and that has opened the possibility to extend our distributor network in Spain and Portugal. Specim’s offering fulfills high requirements from both industrial- and research & governmental segments, so several new potential distributors are interested in opening collaborations with Specim globally. As an experienced player in spectral imaging markets, Grupo Álava can offer great added value for our customers in Spain and Portugal. I’m delighted to have Grupo Álava on board, as they are bringing such vast experience and expertise from the field of spectral imaging business,” stated Hannu Mäki-Marttunen, Head of Sales & Marketing in Specim.

“As a forerunner of imaging technologies & machine vision solutions, Grupo Álava is expanding its technology partners to fulfill current requirements from industry, academic, and government organizations. Our partnership with Specim, a globally leading supplier in hyperspectral imaging, reinforces our technological proposal to provide our customers with the data they can trust and act upon, whether in the industrial surrounding, research laboratory, or field”, says Alberto Zaragoza, Business Development, Imaging & Photonics in Grupo Álava.

Specim – Spectral imaging made easy

Specim, Spectral Imaging Oy Ltd. is the world’s leading hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems manufacturer. Specim’s international team, with expertise in optics, electronics, software, and machine vision, serves the market with the broadest range of hyperspectral cameras, imaging spectrographs, systems, and accessories.

With our strategy, “Spectral imaging made easy,” our customers can rely on the scalability of our technology and products. It will allow our customers to keep improving the performance and competitiveness of their solutions and develop application solutions quicker and with less technical skills.

Grupo Álava, with half a century of experience, offers technological solutions that provide competitive value, as well as improve processes and reduce costs for their clients. Technology incorporation in the industry is a reality. Their journey has been about adapting to the requirements of their clients, and they continue doing so. Grupo Álava offers support, technological solutions, and services that bring value, not only to the industry, but also to society.