Specim is the leading provider of spectral imaging solutions. Its hyperspectral cameras and systems are used in various socially significant applications, such as the circular economy, food quality control, and environmental and geological research. The company operates on all continents and has offices in Finland, the USA, China, Germany, and Spain.

“The company is growing strongly. We want to invest in the leadership skills and abilities of people in management positions and create a unified management culture. We also want to ensure sufficient recourses for managers in a hectic global operating environment,” comments Tapio Kallonen, the company’s CEO.

The cooperation with Hälsa began in 2021 with the implementation of coaching for the expanded management team. The program included both group and individual coaching led by Hälsa professionals.

“To identify a suitable partner for us, we first discussed with Hälsa our needs. Hälsa’s approach to management development fits well with our goals, and the collaboration seemed natural. We were also impressed by Hälsa’s enthusiasm and practical approach to coaching,” explains Sari Vuori, the Human Resources Manager of Specim.

The coaching started with a joint kick-off to give all participants a unified view of its goals and implementation. After each group coaching, steering gathered to analyze the feedback and set goals for the next session.

We used the intelligent Leadership assessment and the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ personal and team profiling tools to support the coaching. Finally, participant feedback was collected and reviewed by the steering group.

Tapio Kallonen considers the program a success: “We achieved the goals set for the coaching. It enabled constructive, forward-looking discussions often challenging to facilitate in normal day-to-day work.”

“We can warmly recommend Hälsa. The coaches are professional, and the program was well designed. The coaches were also able to adapt to our needs during the program,” Sari Vuori says.