Hannu Mäki-Marttunen, formerly Specim Key Account Manager, has been assigned the new role of Head of Sales & Marketing at Specim.

“Hannu possesses strong experience managing sales teams and performing successful sales globally, so it was a clear choice to select Hannu to manage and lead Specim’s Sales functions, including Sales, Marketing and Product management teams,” says Tapio Kallonen, CEO of Specim. “With the existing great team of professionals in Sales and Marketing at Specim, the future looks now, even more, promising to grow Specim to the next level.”

“As a market- and technology leader in hyperspectral imaging, Specim offers a unique opportunity for industrial and research customers to solve their challenges. Specim continues its long- term investments in expertise and resources, to develop world-class products. This is the winning strategy for the growing market as the industrial market is just opening in a big scale,” says Hannu Mäki-Marttunen, Head of Sales and Marketing.