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Why invest in quality? High-end hyperspectral camera benefits over common hyper- and multispectral cameras.

Suppose you already know the basics of hyperspectral imaging and how to use it. Now you are looking for a deeper understanding of creating the best possible source data and best practices for successful applications.

Join Petri Nygrén and Aaron Cumashot as they cover the essential performance aspects when choosing a sensor and the commercial world’s demands for successful applications.

Petri Nygrén, Spectral Mapping Services SMAPS Oy.

Generalist with a hyperspectral specialty. Deep into LiDAR and medium/large format frame mapping cameras as well. Five decades of insight from the geomatics projects on land and in the air, in 40 different countries. A former manager of Specim Oy Ltd’s airborne hyperspectral product line, including R&D, production, test flights, support, marketing, and sales. Long career on both sides of the service provider/sensor manufacturer fence. Understands you, The Client!

Aaron Cumashot, Vice President – Remote Sensing, SpecTIR LLC.

Since 2004, SpecTIR has been an integrator and operator of Specim instruments. From the early AISA Plus to the FENIX 1K and OWL III systems of today, the SpecTIR team has played an integral role in developing real-world, value-added applications based on the data acquired with AISA systems. Developing successful applications to meet the commercial world’s demands requires a robust yet refined process. SpecTIR’s data acquisition, calibration, processing, and exploitation workflows continue to evolve with the increasing demand for profound solutions across a diverse client base.

Aaron is responsible for the strategic implementation of all remote sensing services and development at SpecTIR. He works closely with industry leaders across multiple sectors to ensure SpecTIR’s overall success in supporting global client programs. Over the past thirteen years, he has established SpecTIR’s operational framework, including managing the data processing and analysis workflows. Aaron also plays an integral role as the technical authority for proposals and contracts. He has experience managing hyperspectral programs on multiple continents, including North America, South America, Africa, and Australia.