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Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging technology that complements traditional exploration and ore characterization methods. Hyperspectral drill-core scanning can be integrated into standard core-logging procedures and supports on-site geologists with fast, efficient, and unbiased means of extracting valuable mineralogical information.

This webinar will present the implementation and advantages of hyperspectral drill-core scanning throughout the mining value chain, focusing on the exploration and mining industry.

We will showcase a range of hyperspectral drill-core scanning systems, including the SisuROCK, where we will give an overview of the technical specifications and their setups and operation.

We are also thrilled to welcome our guest, THEIA-X, who will give an overview of their CORE data processing and analysis service packages. They will present examples of hyperspectral drill-core scanning applications and benefits in various stages of mining and exploration projects.

Following the presentations, our experts Rainer & Laura will answer your questions on the topic at hand.

Rainer Bärs, Specim

Rainer has a background in applied geophysics and computer science and has specialized in hyperspectral methods. He holds a Lic. Sc. (Tech) in applied geophysics and computer science.

Rainer currently works as a Senior Application Engineer at Specim, where he has been for over 20 years. His work focuses on developing and supporting geological applications and instruments and applying machine learning methods, among others, in the analysis. Much of his focus is on demo- and pilot measurements and data analysis for potential customers, demonstrating and enabling the use of hyperspectral imaging to solve these problems.

Laura Tusa, THEIA·X

Laura is a geologist with a research focus on spectral and process mineralogy. She holds B.Sc. in Geological Engineering and a joint M.Sc. in Georesources Engineering. Laura is currently finalizing her Ph.D. at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology. Her research mainly focuses on the opportunities hyperspectral imaging can offer to the mining industry. Within THEIA·X, Laura manages mineralogical data interpretation and hyperspectral data acquisition and processing.


Specim is a globally leading supplier in hyperspectral imaging. Our international team of 70+ professionals, with expertise in optics, electronics, software, and machine vision, serves the market with the broadest range of hyperspectral cameras, imaging spectrographs, systems, and accessories.

With our strategy, “Spectral imaging made easy,” our customers can rely on the scalability of our technology and products. It will allow our customers to keep improving the performance and competitiveness of their solutions and develop application solutions quicker and with less technical skills.


THEIA·X is a spin-off project from the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, Germany. The company specializes in hyperspectral data processing and analysis for the exploration and mining industry.

By combining hyperspectral data with in-house developed machine learning algorithms, THEIA·X provides rapid and meaningful mineralogical results for discovering and characterizing mineral deposits.

THEIA-X can acquire data from numerous platforms and supports its clients with the characterization of drill-cores (CORE), natural outcrops, and mine faces (PIT), as well as of extensive areas for regional exploration (MAP).