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What is MWIR Hyperspectral Imaging?

MWIR (Middle-Wave Infrared) hyperspectral imaging combines the benefits of hyperspectral imaging with the specific advantages offered by the middle-wave infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, typically covering wavelengths between 3 and 5 micrometers. The MWIR range is known for its ability to detect thermal emissions i.e., heat from objects.

Why Choose MWIR Hyperspectral Imaging?

MWIR hyperspectral imaging can be used to identify and classify materials based on their spectral characteristics in the middle-wave infrared range.

MWIR is particularly valuable in fields such as black plastics sorting, mineral identification, and oil and gas detection that are not detectable with any other wavelength or imaging method. MWIR is also applied in the metal industry for quality and process optimization and in defense and security applications for surveillance and threat detection.

The Specim FX50 is the only hyperspectral camera on the market covering the full MWIR spectral range of 2.7 – 5.3 μm that is required for black plastics sorting, for example.

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  • Systems integrators and machine builders employing MWIR
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Mathieu Marmion Ph.D.

Mathieu is the Lead Application Specialist at Specim. He holds a double MSc degree in electrical engineering (from INP in Grenoble, France, and NTNU in Trondheim, Norway) and a Ph.D. in physical geography (University of Oulu, Finland). Mathieu has worked at Specim for ten years.

About Specim

Founded in 1995, Specim is the pioneer and leading global supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions.

We offer the broadest range of hyperspectral cameras, imaging spectrographs, software systems, and accessories to serve machine builders, integrators, researchers, and government organizations worldwide.

Specim is part of the Konica Minolta Group since 2020. We operate worldwide with headquarters in Oulu, Finland, sales offices in the US, China, Germany, and Spain, and an extensive distributor network.

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