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Collecting Hyperspectral Imaging Data in the Field

When gathering hyperspectral imaging (HSI) data from the field, it’s crucial to follow a systematic approach.

In the webinar, we introduce two options for collecting HSI data in the outdoor/field environment and equip you with the practical steps to ensure accurate and reliable results:

You Will Learn:

  • Key steps to ensure good imaging results
  • Pros and cons of different field data collection methods
  • Tips on setting up equipment, data quality checks, and pre-processing
  • White & dark reference measurement techniques
  • Optimization of scanning speed, camera settings, and illumination
  • Understand radiance, reflectance, and more!

Whether you’re an innovator, researcher, or service provider, mastering these techniques is essential for the success of your field data acquisition. Rest assured, our Lead Application Specialist Ph.D. Mathieu Marmion, with his extensive expertise, will provide you with valuable insights and expert guidance on effectively collecting hyperspectral imaging (HSI) data in the field.

Who should attend:

This webinar is for professionals who collect hyperspectral data in the field, such as agriculture, environmental monitoring, geology, defense, archaeology, urban planning, oceanography, disaster management, and climate research.

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Mathieu Marmion, Ph.D., Lead Application Specialist

Mathieu is the Lead Application Specialist at Specim. He holds a double MSc in electrical engineering (from INP in Grenoble, France, and NTNU in Trondheim, Norway) and a Ph.D. in physical geography (University of Oulu, Finland). Mathieu has worked at Specim for over ten years.

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