Specim Hyperspectral Products’ End-of-Life Process and Practices

What is EOLA?

Relax. EOLA stands for End-of-Life-Announcement. It simply means that Specim will no longer produce a certain product after a certain period of time. There’s no need to worry though. There are certain phases in the end-of-life process, which will follow in the particular order. Until the product has reached its end (the end of support), there are four phases before that (see the list of the phases with brief description). When the end-of-life-announcement has been made, you can still purchase the product with full warranty and service.

End of Life Announcement DateList of the Products and Dates for the EOL process
Last Order DateLast day of the Order for the EOL product (End of Sale)
End of DeliveryLast day of the Delivery for the EOL product
End of MaintenanceLast day of the Maintenance for the EOL product
End of Support / LifeLast day of the Official Product Support

I was going to purchase it, but it is in EOLA.
What do I do now?

Ok, there are couple of options you might want to consider. When we make the EOLA, we will also name the replacement for the EOL-product when possible. Basically, you can buy the EOL-product and have the full warranty and service – or – you can buy the new replacement product. In any case, you don’t have to worry about the support and service.