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How to acquire hyperspectral data in the lab

How to acquire hyperspectral data in the lab

Unlock the full potential of your hyperspectral imaging projects!

Do you need help with the complexities of hyperspectral data acquisition? How do you set up the equipment to acquire data and check that the data is of good quality? How do you pre-process your data?

Whether you’re a researcher, a scientist, or a student, mastering these techniques is essential for the success of your projects—our Lead Application Specialist Ph.D. Mathieu Marmion will guide you through the fundamentals and advanced strategies to optimise your hyperspectral imaging in a laboratory setting.

What You Will Learn:

In this webinar, we will review key measurement techniques, helping you to gain a solid understanding of the essential methods in hyperspectral imaging.

  • White & Dark Reference Measurement: Learn how to set up reference measurements to ensure accurate data quality.
  • Camera Height Adjustment: Discover how adjusting the camera height can affect the data and how to optimise it for your needs.
  • Scanning Speed and Frame Rate Adjustments: Optimize these parameters to match the dynamics of your sample and research requirements.
  • Radiance and Reflectance: Understand these critical factors and how they impact your imaging results.
  • Focusing the Camera: Achieve the perfect focus to maintain the correct depth of field for clear, detailed images.
  • Illumination of the Samples: Explore techniques to properly illuminate your samples to enhance the quality of your data.
  • Integration Time: Learn how to adjust integration time to balance data quality and acquisition speed.

This webinar is designed to provide hands-on tips and methodologies from industry experts, ensuring you leave with the knowledge and confidence to conduct your hyperspectral data collection effectively.

Who should attend:

This session is tailored for researchers and scientists from academic settings and professionals involved in research and development within organisations. Whether initiating a new project, seeking to enhance your current work, or aiming to achieve groundbreaking results in material science, biological research, or other fields requiring detailed imaging data, this webinar is your gateway to the next level of research excellence.

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Mathieu Marmion Ph.D.

Mathieu is the Lead Application Specialist at Specim. He holds a double MSc in electrical engineering (from INP in Grenoble, France, and NTNU in Trondheim, Norway) and a Ph.D. in physical geography (University of Oulu, Finland). Mathieu has worked at Specim for ten years.

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