Specim is the leading industrial hyperspectral camera manufacturer for machine builders and integrators globally. Specim develops cameras to fulfil demanding industrial customer requirements while remaining the perfect solution for scientific research & development and governmental projects.

Whether you are working in a laboratory, industrial facility, or in the field, Specim offers a wide variety of high-quality hyperspectral cameras that cover visible, VNIR and NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR areas.

The camera models vary in terms of spectral and spatial resolution, spectral response, imaging speed, and configuration options. Contact us for the optimal solution for your application.

Specim AFX 10
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Small, fast & affordable hyperspectral cameras specifically designed for industrial machine vision

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Full mobile hyperspectral imaging system for analyzing any material anywhere in seconds

Specim IQ - The first mobile hyperspectral camera.

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