Specim is proud to join as a member of the MVTec Image Acquisition Partner Program.

MVTec Software GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of software for machine vision. Through the Partner Program MVTec cultivates close partnerships with image acquisition device suppliers to provide optimal integrated solutions.

Specim is the leading global supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions.

We offer hyperspectral cameras covering wavelengths from VNIR, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR, as well as software systems that are widely used in the industry, research, and airborne applications.

The Specim FX cameras are the first hyperspectral instruments designed specifically for industrial machine vision. Together with the SpecimINSIGHT analysis software tool and SpecimCUBE processing unit, they form a complete SpecimONE spectral imaging platform that enables fast and easy adaptation of hyperspectral technology to industrial applications.

Through the GigE Vision standard, the data captured by Specim products can be seamlessly received and used by MVTec’s Software products to develop advanced machine vision applications.

More information about MVTec’s image acquisition interfaces for HALCON and MERLIC.