Specim, the market leader of the hyperspectral industry, is expanding the range of their drone compatible hyperspectral camera family. The latest product released is Specim AFX17, a camera collecting data on near-infrared (NIR) region 900-1700 nm. It follows AFX10, the first AFX camera released at the beginning of January this year.

NIR region brings in more sophisticated applications

“With the introduction of AFX17, we expand our drone-compatible product range to cover more sophisticated applications. This means, for example, soil analysis detecting moisture, nutrition, and fertilizers, vegetation studies including advanced species identification, and plant health and stress level detection, and also forest fires detection”, says Jukka Okkonen, product owner of Specim AFX. “I am very excited about this new addition and eager to see how the remote sensing community accepts these newcomers.”

Even with two new products released in just over a month, Specim is not planning to rest on their laurels. “We already have some plans for the AFX family”, reveals Mr. Okkonen, “so let’s see what the future holds.”

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