I am certain if you are literary enthusiast, you probably recognize something from the line above. Unfortunately. I am not going to talk about literature here; instead, I am going to elaborate on the benefits of using spectral cameras.

Believe me or not, the more I read about spectral cameras and instruments, the further I understand there are enormous benefits. Spectral cameras (especially push-broom line imaging cameras) provide accurate information for industrial uses than most other measurement technologies. In addition, I believe spectral cameras like the ones you can find at Specim, known as FX Series Cameras; can provide immense benefits for industrial company, and nation as a whole. As a Sierra Leonean with keen interest in Sub-Saharan Africa, I can sense the advantages and benefits of spectral cameras if (either FDI companies or government departments) use them in the region.

Potential application areas in Sierra Leone for hyperspectral imaging

For instance, Sierra Leone is a nation blessed with abundant resources and vast FDI-projects in iron ore extractions, gold, diamonds, bauxites, oil, as well as agriculture and forestry. I am sure that, the use of spectral cameras and instruments in any of the projects listed above will undoubtedly yield high-quality results.

In iron ore extraction for instance, spectral cameras and instruments are suitable for mapping and scanning the whole area. They offer high speed and accurate measurement, and with automated computer algorithms, identify the minerals and convert the data into mineral maps. This process can swiftly help companies such as London Mining, Stellar Diamonds, Sierraroutile, etc. to achieve efficient operations and quick results.

In Oil, especially palm oil, spectral cameras can also play an important role by providing sensitive and precise information about palm trees health and conditions- via mapping. Such information is focal for government department such as agriculture and forestry. For instance, in Sierra Leone, such information will aid the work of the ministry and provide accurate forecast on how many palm trees are healthy and suitable for the production of palm oil – for either export or domestic market.

Let forget about Sierra Leone for a second, I am certain that the benefits of spectral cameras and instruments can be achieved by industrial companies situated either in Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S. Especially companies that engage in business such as; medicine, farming, defense, environment, color sorting, water, and more!!

My name is Samppa Kamara. I am from Sierra Leone and a final year Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) student at Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

As a BBA student, I am equipped with sound knowledge in international marketing management and project works. And with this knowledge, I am eager to continue to develop and improve my international marketing skills and know-how in one of the leading player in hyperspectral imaging industry- Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd.

I believe the opportunity for me to work at Specim as a trainee and thesis worker will not only help me to develop and improve my skills, but also provide a platform where I will unlock my potentials and see how I can contribute in any project or task I am going to be involved in during my time at the company.

And with well passionate, expert and dynamic group of employees, the opportunity for me to work hand-in-hand with each and every one of them at the company is a zillion chance for me to grow.