Hyperspectral imaging is breaking new ground in vegetation research and farming, and the first results look very promising.

As we speak, many universities and commercial customers are using Specim IQ to study seeds, sprouts, even fungi. With the camera, they can detect problems in the vegetation early on, even before they are visible to human eye. From the plant’s spectra you can tell for example if the plant is not getting enough nutrition or water, or if there is a disease about to break out.

In this video, Markku Keinänen, Biological Spectral Imaging Professor from the University of Eastern Finland explains how they use Specim IQ to detect the presence of anthocyanin in the vegetation, which indicates that the plant is experiencing stress. Hyperspectral imaging can detect anthocyanin before it visibly alters the color of the leaves.

Lightweight, compact and convenient

Specim IQ’s small size is a big plus, based on what our customers have told us. They enjoy the versatility it brings, and have come up with ingenious ways to use the camera – from packing it up and heading to the fields, to integrating it to their existing watering systems.

With Specim IQ, you can take the camera to hard-to-reach locations and collect data, get the results much faster than from the lab results, and the built-in GPS helps you find the location again later.

Introducing Specim IQ Guide

We collected all of our Specim IQ material and moulded it into a brand new guide that’s easy to read and gets you started with the basic usage of Specim IQ.

Would you like to see Specim IQ in action?

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