Specim IQ Studio Software

Specim IQ Studio gives you the possibility to control the Specim IQ camera and handle the Specim IQ data. You can process the hyperspectral data, and create applications for the Specim IQ.

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Data Handling

Import your recorded Specim IQ data to Specim IQ Studio, add tags and other metadata description, and organize it in to catalogs, ready to be used to create models, applications and as a source for your own spectral reference libraries.

Camera Settings

Set up the Specim IQ preferences and handle the Applications installed to your device. Create and save profiles with different settings and application sets inside Specim IQ Studio and load them to the Specim IQ camera to quickly personalize it to meet your needs.


Use fully graphical user interface without any programming needs to create models, that define how the hyperspectral data should be processed and visualized. The workflow designed for models creator includes all the standard data processing steps needed. Collaboration is easy, just export and share your model!


Create applications based on your models or import an application made by your colleague. The Application creator allows you to choose the appropriate data processing model for your needs, and define how it will be used in Specim IQ. Install the applications to your Specim IQ camera to get immediate results from your measurements on location – straight in the camera without a need to process the data on a separate computer.

Remote Use

Control your Specim IQ camera remotely from Specim IQ Studio to collect, study and import data. Remote connection can be established via USB and WiFi.

Automatic update notification

Stay up-to-date! Always enjoy the latest features of the Specim IQ camera and Specim IQ Studio software. The Specim IQ Studio checks the latest available software versions automatically and lets you know if a newer one is available.

Manual and tutorial videos

Modify your Specim IQ to give direct results