In our pursuit of excellence, we have rigorously evaluated and proudly endorse GEONA Hyperspectral as the standalone processing solution for use with the Specim airborne hyperspectral sensors. This strategic collaboration underscores our commitment to offering cutting-edge tools for hyperspectral data processing, strengthening our range of airborne sensors, and empowering our users with unparalleled flexibility and accuracy.

The Specim airborne sensors, already renowned for their exceptional capabilities, reach new heights when coupled with GEONA’s advanced features. Specim encourages all airborne hyperspectral sensor users to explore GEONA Hyperspectral as the endorsed alternative to CaliGeoPro.

“Migrating to GEONA ensures continuity and enhances your hyperspectral data capabilities. This endorsement signifies a new era in hyperspectral processing, aligning GEONA Hyperspectral as Specim’s recommended data processing solution for the AFX series and other airborne sensors.”

Sami Juottonen, Product Manager, Specim

What does GEONA Hyperspectral Offer?

  • Radiometric Precision
    Attain meticulously calibrated and geolocated datasets for unparalleled accuracy in analysis.
  • Modern Interface
    Navigate effortlessly through a user-friendly design, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience.
  • Cloud Functionality
    Collaborate efficiently by integrating with leading cloud platforms, facilitating easy data sharing and accessibility.
  • Flexible Subscription Model
    Tailor your pricing options to suit diverse client needs, offering flexibility in subscription plans.
  • ENVI Independence
    GEONA is not reliant on ENVI, providing independence and versatility in hyperspectral data processing.
  • Container-based Deployment
    GEONA Hyperspectral is the solution your Linux-based clients have been waiting for!!

GEONA Runs Where Your Data Live!

GEONA runs on Linux, Windows, or MacOS – on all major cloud providers, your in-house data center, your workstation, and your laptop in the field, making it a cost-effective, accessible, and scalable standalone solution for your data excellence.

30-Day Free DEMO

GEONA provides new customers with a free 30-day demo and hands-on migration support to ensure a smooth transition to GEONA’s data processing solution.

Access 30-Day Free Trial

Support Society Improving Environmental Science

GEONA Hyperspectral is developed by the Earth observation experts of PML Applications, who as a truly social enterprise, donate all profits to fund marine scientific research carried out by Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML). PML is committed to delivering world-leading research that furthers our understanding of the ocean and creates positive outcomes for society and the environment.

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Sami Juottonen, Product Manager, Specim

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