Hyperspectral imaging in recycling

Hyperspectral imaging is a hygienic and reliable inspection method, making it suitable for applications involving human well-being, such as pharmaceutics and medical fields.

Get 100% control over the pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products are visually often very similar but can have different chemical compositions or proportions of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Hyperspectral imaging provides a reliable, rapid, and non-invasive way to analyze the chemical composition of drug formulations, such as tablets and capsules, during production.

The chemical analysis allows:

  • Qualitatively to identify pharmaceutical products with different active ingredients.
  • Quantitatively to identify pharmaceutical products with different dosages and to measure the uniformity of the active ingredient distribution.

Hyperspectral imaging enables reliable monitoring of the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes in real time. It can cover the entire material stream in-line with close to 100% accuracy. This information can help manufacturers ensure their products’ quality, purity, and consistency and improve the manufacturing processes.


  • Non-destructive, rapid, and reliable inspection with close to 100% accuracy
  • Inspect 100% of the product stream in real-time
  • Measure the presence, amount, and distribution of API
  • Avoid mix-ups and improve product quality and safety

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RGB image of pills in a blister packaging.Hyperspectral image of pills in a blister packaging.
Hyperspectral imaging

Figure 1: Hyperspectral imaging can identify products with similar looks but with different active ingredient or concentration in real-time with 100% accuracy

Medical science

Since hyperspectral imaging is a non-invasive, hygienic, and fast way to study the target, it shows high potential as a diagnostic tool in medical applications.

Non-contact skin measurements with a hyperspectral camera can give reliable information about tissue health through e.g., oxygenation and blood circulation efficiency, help in an open wound and burn wound diagnostics, and identify cancer tumors or blood circulation problems related to diabetes.

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Figure 2: Finger occlusion and related blood volume fraction and skin blood saturation studied with a spectral camera

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