Picvisa is a Spanish company with over 20 years of experience providing machine vision solutions for waste treatment, recycling, and various industrial processes. Specim has provided Picvisa with hyperspectral cameras that classify materials based on their chemical composition.

– With Specim hyperspectral cameras, we can monitor the waste flow with good precision – the different kinds of materials and components, says Daniel Carrero, the Product Manager of Picvisa.

”We can say that Specim’s solutions are one of the best in the market today” 
Daniel Carrero, Product Manager, Picvisa

Amount of sorted plastic packaging per hour

A machine that does the work of six men

As Picvisa wants to offer its clients only the most high-quality solutions, its partners must have a deep understanding of the industry.

– Specim is a supplier that understands what we need. They have developed their products to achieve the goals we have set, Carrero says.

One of the innovations Picvisa has developed with Specim FX series hyperspectral cameras is a plastic sorter, Ecopack, that sorts six tons of plastic packaging per hour.

– Before, it took up to six workers to do the same. Ecopack will be a key machine for the recycling industry, Carrero states.

Partner to hold on to

Picvisa has long experience working with machine vision solutions, and they have worked with many different companies. Specim has stood out from the crowd.

– Specim is a good partner and a supplier with very good solutions. We can say that their products are one of the best in the market today, Carrero concludes.