The pile-up of plastic waste is one of the big environmental issues that must be tackled soon. Now, with Specim’s latest technical innovation, one of the big challenges in plastic sorting – black plastics identification – has been solved.

The camera that sees the invisible

It is impossible to sort the plastics based on the plastic types based on visual inspection on RGB camera information. Even the more advanced techniques struggle with black plastics, and as a result, the black plastics are either burned or dumped to landfills.

Specim’s new FX50 camera can identify different plastic types quickly and reliable despite the color – this means that the valuable materials can now be harvested and reused, even from black plastics.

Meet us and see the brand new FX50 in Amsterdam or Las Vegas!

We are proud to introduce the new Specim FX50 for the first time in:

Amsterdam PRS Europe exhibition, booth F14, April 10-11 2019

Las Vegas Waste Expo 2019, booth 5110, May 7-9 2019