At Automatica 2023, Munich (June 27.-30) Specim and Konica Minolta Business Solutions will introduce a novel automated surface quality and appearance inspection tool CoboSense – in booth B5.104.

Equipped with Specim FX10 hyperspectral camera and SpecimCUBE data processing platform, CoboSense is a powerful tool for detailed surface quality inspection that facilitates process optimization and workflow automation in various industries.

Comprehensive and detailed inspection

Operating within the visible and near-infrared (VNIR) spectrum, the Specim FX10 hyperspectral camera enables comprehensive and detailed analysis of various surface properties, including color, texture, gloss, and defects, like stains, or thickness of coatings.

Non-destructive testing

Combining the robot arm with hyperspectral imaging, CoboSense allows for surface quality and appearance inspection without causing any damage to the inspected object. This is particularly important when examining delicate or valuable surfaces, such as electronic and automotive components.

Rapid and real-time analysis

With SpecimCUBE data processing platform, CoboSense provides rapid data acquisition and analysis capabilities. This enables efficient and timely assessment of surface quality in industrial production lines and quality control processes.

Automated workflows

CoboSense is an innovative, multi-application cobotic solution automating visual quality inspection processes and repetitive tasks. It can be integrated into different testing workflows and almost any setup and scaled to suit various automated production processes.

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